CNC Furniture

CNC files for home and workspace optimization. Customer is able to choose a size and material that best fits their space and budget.

The product is coupled with an online community of makers and fabbers that offers new ideas and access to CNC machines.

The design is meant to celebrate the capabilities of a cnc and break the conventional mold of cnc furniture.

One of the main parameters was that this design had to be compatible with 3-axis CNC limitations.

Cut file layout. Allows for cut paths between pieces while minimizing material waste. 

Created a modified secret tenons joint to completely hide the connection points on the outer surface of the desk.

This method leaves only the gaps from the kerf bend and the semicircles for bit tolerance on each finger tenon visible.

Accessories for added personalization.

Mounting point offers recessed areas for locking and supporting accessories, capable of a variety of tasks.

For the future...