Martian Utility Vehicle

A class dedicated to entering the michelin design challenge. Split into 6 groups of 2-3 we designed 3 exterior designs and 3 interior designs.



Main collaborators: Jordan Harris (research and visualization),

Ian Mckibbon (research, visualization and CAD)

We came up with a concept that incorporates a multi-paddle design to reduce storage space taken up by the spare wheel, and simplify repairs.

Through our research we realized that the wheels were the greatest pain point of the current rover.

Utility was key, above all the vehicle had to perform the necessary tasks flawlessly.

The vehicle featured, adjustable control arms for maneuverability, as well as ease of use.

Through a torsion bar suspension setup the vehicle could be raised or lowered for navigating an obstacle or loading and unloading cargo.

We also included a utility arm equipped with a shovel but with options for more tool attachments.

We began by exploring form and function, drawing cues from nasa rovers and lunar vehicles. 

Also considering the plan in place and what would be present on mars for the target year of 2030.