Go Local

AR Coupon Geocashing

An exercise in shopping interaction, our goal was to promote local businesses, by creating an interactive coupon collecting game.

Using lo-fi and hi-fi methods we planned the app concept based on our interviews, survey results and other primary research on the area and shopping centers.

Initial concepts incorporated a rewards program that notified participating shoppers of local sales but not much beyond this.

We began searching for a more interactive way to move locals into the community and learn about their local shopping opportunities. This pushed us towards a more map based app.

Below is a journey map for a game where teams accumulated points for purchases that could later be redeemed for coupons. If the "flag" was purchased that team would gain bonus coupons.

We worked with a company from Austin Texas that offers special offers to Go Local cardholders. Essentially we created a digital manifestation of the physical rewards card with a directory. However, we felt the app was lacking interaction.

Ultimately we created an augmented reality scavenger hunt for coupons. Users would find and snap any of the coupons around town to receive discounts at their favorite stores. Coupons are conveniently stashed around local stores with fewer patrons to boost the local shopping community.

Concepts were developed in illustrator and prototyped in Proto.io and Invision.