One product was to be a total group effort and the others individual endeavors while retaining integrity of product line.

Assigned Beast as a company name and charged with creating a product family. Our products had to convey our company’s style, mission and values.

Survival Tools


As a group we decided to create a knife, hatchet, water bottle / filtration system and a fire starter. 

Prototyping in foamcore, prior to moving to steel.

Grooves allow for overlap as well as signify direction of wrapping.

Signature texture repeated on all products, calling attention to secondary functions as well as serving as a branding element.

Blade geometry allows for a wide range of uses from fine carcass deconstruction to processing limbs for firewood or shelter construction.

Employed a modified, double wrapped method for improved comfort and extra paracord for it's utility.

 The knife was intended to be the flagship product with the other products to be added for further preparation.